Animated Short Film

In an unknown location, a man is piling up coins falling from the sky and climbing them. It’s not clear what he means by that until …

Writer and Director: Alireza Nosrati
Animator: Abolfazl Boromandi
Editor and Compositor: Amir Mehran
Composer: Foad Emrani
Producer: Amir Mehran
Animation, 8Min, 2013

- 6 Dahok international film festival 2018 Iraq
- The first Tehran International Silent Film Festival 2016 Iran
- River Aire Ten Minute Film Festival 2014 UK
- Friss Hús Budapest Festival 2014 Hungry
- Skepto International Film Festival 2014 Italy
- CPM film fest 2013 Russia
- 30th Tehran international short film festival 2013 Iran
- 11th Tirana international film festival 2013 Albania
- 2nd annual South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013 USA