I'm Amir Mehran, an animation director, motion designer, and senior compositor with over 15 years of experience. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting projects, including short films, animations, feature films, commercials, motion graphics, TV idents, TV programs, series, and social networks.
I have an extensive animation portfolio, including animated series, short animations, and experimental films. Additionally, I have actively participated in over 200 film festivals, where my movies and animations have been recognized with more than 50 awards.
I've also had the opportunity to contribute as a VFX supervisor and Title designer in feature films like "Ahoo," "The Badger," "Kupal," "Dokhtar," Emrouz," snow" and "Melbourne." Furthermore, I have extensive experience as a senior compositor in commercials. My specialization is creating captivating TV commercials, TV broadcasts idents, and film title sequences.

. Nov 2016 – Present. Owner/Co-founder @ Aduren Studio
Aduren Studio was founded by Amir Mehran & Masoud T. Momeni in 2016. It offers a range of 3D and 2D Animations, VFX, Motion Graphics, Direction, and Post-production services to advertising agencies, film companies, etc.
Aduren Studio makes Advertisements, Animated series, Visual Effects, Broadcasts, and Digital projects.

. Feb 2012 – Present. VFX Supervisor and Senior Compositor @ Freelancer
Worked as a VFX Supervisor in feature films (Gazelle, The Badger, A Samurai in Berlin, Taj Mahal, Emrouz, Dokhtar, and Kupal) and as Senior Compositor in commercials.

. Apr 2007 – Present. Motion-graphics Designer @ Freelance
Made over a hundred TV commercials, TV broadcast idents, and film title sequences.

. Sep 2014 - Feb 2016. Head of CGI department @ Iran Novin Agency
Kanoon Iran Novin is Iran's most extensive full-service marketing and advertising agency. The CGI department at Kanoon does the post-production for commercials. At CGI, Amir Mehran supported more than twenty TV commercials every month, leading about 15 CGI specialists. He directed many full animation and motion graphics commercials.

. Dec 2011 - Sep 2014. Technical Supervisor & Senior Compositor @ Hak Film Company
Worked in a comic motion series called "Names." The director was Reza Mirkarimi. Amir Mehran led an expert team (Storyboard artists, 2D Designers, layout artists, compositors, etc.).


. The Lovely Sky (2022. 2D Animation. 14Min) Writer, Director, Compositor.
. The White Whale (2020. 2D Animation. 10Min) Writer, Director, Compositor, Producer.
. Tree (2019. Music Video. 3Min) Director, Compositor.
. Fokon Fishan (2018. Cutout Animated Series. 15X2Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Happy Nowruz 2 (2018. Cutout Animation. 1 Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. A Crime Report (2017. Motion Comics. 5X2Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Sholand Itinerary (2017. Cutout Animated Series. 3X2Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Immanence (2017. Music Video. 2 Min) Director and Producer.
. Happy Nowruz 1 (2016. Cutout Animation. 1 Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. A Long Time Ago (2015. Music Video. 3 Min) Director, Compositor.
. Clink (2013. 2D Animation. 4 Min) Editor and Producer.
. The Butterfly Man (2013. Cutout Animation. 8 Min) Director, Layout and Animator.
. Night of the Lamb (2012. 2D Animation. 11 Min) Director.
. Aperture (2012. 3D Animation. 7 Min) Director, Layout.
. Silent City (2009. 2D Animation. 7 Min) Director, Writer, Producer.
. Cold Blood (2008. Experimental. 7 Min) Director, Writer, Compositor.
. Iranian Ancient Paintings (2007. Animated Series. 32X2Min) Director, Compositor.
. The Lost Waves (2005. traditional animation. 7 Min) Director, Animator, and Producer.


. M.A. in Animation Directing at Soore University, Tehran, Iran.
. B.A. in Animation Directing graduated from Iran Broadcasting University in Tehran, Iran.

Professional Membership

. President of the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA). 2021-Present
. Member of the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture guilds. 2013-Present
. Member of the Iranian Motion Graphics Designers Association (IMGDA). 2016-present (Board Member 2019-2022)
. Member of the Animated Filmmakers Guild of Iran. 2019-Present
. Member of the Iranian Young Cinema Society (IYCS). 1998-Present

Jury/Selection Committee

. 6th Farda film festival 2022 Iran (Selection Committee)
. The First Festival of Savior 2021 Iran (Jury Member)
. 21st Iran Cinema Celebration 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 9th Varesh International Film Festival 2019 Iran (Selection Committee)
. First Kudakonline Festival 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 12th 100 International Film Festival 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 11th Tehran International Animation Festival 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 20th Iran Cinema Celebration 2018 Iran (Jury Member)
. Rassam First International Festival 2018 Iran (Selection Committee)
. First Iranian National Animation Festival 2018 Iran (Jury Member)
. 9th Iran Independent Animation Celebration 2017 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 10th Tehran International Animation Festival 2017 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 10th Ruyesh Film Festival 2016 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 33rd Tehran international short film festival 2016 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 31st Tehran international short film festival 2016 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 9th Ruyesh Film Festival 2014 Iran (Selection Committee)


. Third Place in 13th International Animation Festival 2024 Iran (The Lovely Sky)

. Best Animation for eight years kids in 14th International Film Festival for children and teenagers "AniFestROZAFA" 2023 Albania (The Lovely Sky)

. Anima Award du Film in Anima Cinefest International Animated Film Festival 2023 US (The White Whale)

. Honorable Mention in 35 Festival of Cinema Girona 2023 Spain (The Lovely Sky)

. Best Animation in The first of Milan Shorts Film Festival 2023 Italy (The White Whale)
. Best Animation in FestCine Itaúna - Itaúna International Film Festival 2023 Brazil (The Lovely Sky)
. Best Music in 18th Vancouver Island Short Film Festival 2023 Canada (The Lovely Sky)
. Best Animation in ISSAR, The First International Film Festival 2023 Iran (The White Whale)
. Best Animation at 52nd Roshd International Educational Film Festival 2023 Iran (The Lovely Sky)
. Honorable Mention in 1st Youality International Short Film Festival 2022 France (The White Whale)
. Animation Best of Fest in 55th Humboldt Int’l Film Festival 2022 US (The White Whale)
. Best Animated FilmThe Clapperboard Golden Festival 2022 Brazil (The White Whale)
. Best Animated Film in Blackboard International Film Festival 2022 India (The White Whale)
. Special Jury Mention in ANIMA2021, XI Córdoba International Animation Festival - Argentina (The White Whale)
. Best Animation Film Award in 18th Frames Film Festival 2021 India (The White Whale)
. Second Place in the 14th National Razavi Short Film Festival 2021 Iran (The White Whale)
. Best Animated Short in 36th Warsaw Film Festival 2020 Poland (The White Whale)
. Best Short Animation in The 16th Moqavemat international film festival (festival of Festivals Section) 2020 Iran (Silent City)
. Best Music Video in The 16th Moqavemat international film festival (festival of Festivals Section) 2020 Iran (Immanence)
. Best Short Film in The IndieFEST Film Awards August 2020 USA (Tree)
. Best Opening for “Kodak Show” and “Faaz” in 2nd Iranian National Animation and Puppet Festival 2019 Iran
. Best Title Sequence for “Mohey” in 6th International Urban Film Festival 2017 Iran
. Best Music Video in 7th Pray Film Festival 2017 Iran (Immanence)
. Best Title Sequence for “Snow” in 5th International Urban Film Festival 2015 Iran
. Best Title Sequence for “Snow” in 16th Celebration House of Cinema 2014 Iran
. Best Animation film in The Third International Arts Festival of Resistance 2013 Iran (Silent City)
. Best Animation Film in 6th International Digital Media Fair & Festival 2012 Iran (Night of the Lamb)
. Diploma for Animation film in the 26th International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults 2012 Iran (Night of the Lamb)
. Best Animation 6th International Digital Media Fair & Festival 2012 Iran (Aperture)
. Best Animation in 6th Independent Film Festival – Grand off 2012 Poland (Aperture)
. Best Animation Film in 29th Tehran International Short Film Festival 2012 Iran (Aperture)
. Best Animation Film in 7th Rooyesh (Growth) Film Festival 2012 Iran (Aperture)
. Best Animation film at 41st Roshd International Film Festival 2011 Iran (Silent City)
. Third Place in the 4th Urban Film Festival 2011 Iran (The Lost Waves)
. Second Place in 9th International Tehran Sports Movies & TV Festival 2011 Iran (World Cup 2010)
. Best Animation in 4th International Digital Media Fair & Festival 2010 Iran (Silent City)
. Special Jury Award in 9th International Short Film Festival Inter Film Berlin 2010 Germany (Silent City)
. Special Jury Award in Banja Luka 2010 Bosnia (Silent City)
. Special Jury Award in Iasi International Film Festival 2010 Romania (Silent City)
. Best Animation Film in 6th Rooyesh (Growth) Film Festival 2010 Iran (The Lost Waves)
. Best Animation film in Cinefiesta 2010 Puerto Rico (Silent City)
. Best Subject in 5th video festival Imperia 2010 Italy (Silent City)
. Best Animation in Avinifest – Animation Festival 2010 Iran (Silent City)
. Third Place of Cinematography in Hamghadam Film Festival 2010 France (The Fall)
. Best Documentary in 6th Aeine and Aftab Film Festival 2010 Iran (Cold Blood)
. Best Short Film in a film for Peace Festival 2010 – Italy (Cold Blood)
. Best Animation in 28th International Fajr Film Festival 2010 Iran (Silent City)
. Best Experimental Film in 7th Short Soup International Short Film Festival 2010 Australia (Cold Blood)
. Best Animation Film in 5th Rooyesh (Growth) Film Festival 2009 Iran (Silent City)
. Best Sound in 26th Tehran International Short Film Festival 2009 Iran (Silent City)
. Best Animation Film in 26th Tehran International Short Film Festival 2009 Iran (Silent City)
. Special jury award in 3rd International Urban Film Festival 2009 Iran (The Fall)
. Best Animation in 8th Khorasan Film Festival 2009 Iran (Majnoon)
. Documentary award in 2nd Cyprus International Short Film Festival 2009 Cyprus (Cold Blood)
. Special jury award in 3rd Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival 2008 Turkey (Cold Blood)
. Best Experimental Film at 25th Tehran International Short Film Festival 2008 Iran (Cold Blood)
. Best Film in 4th Rooyesh (Growth) Film Festival 2008 Iran (Cold Blood)
. Best Animation in Noor Film Festival 2005 US (The Lost Waves)
. Best Animation in Tehran 22nd International Short Film Festival 2005 Iran (The Lost Waves)
. Best Editing in 2nd Khorasan Film Festival 1999 Iran (Tel)

Collaboration in feature films

. Gazelle. Director: Houshang Golmakani. 2023. (VFX Supervisor)
. The Badger. Director: Kazem Mollaei. 2020. (Title designer & VFX Supervisor)
. Samurai in Berlin. Director: Mehdi Naderi. 2019. (VFX Supervisor)
. Gasht-e Ershad 2. Director: Saeid Soheili. 2017. (Title Sequence Compositor)
. Hattrick. Director: Ramtin Lavafipour. 2017. (VFX Compositor)
. Kupal. Director: Kazem Mollaei. 2017. (Title designer & VFX Supervisor)
. Dokhtar. Director: Reza Mirkarimi. 2016. (VFX Supervisor)
. Mohey. Director: Davod Khayam. 2016. (Title Designer)
. Javedanegi. Director: Mehdi Fard Ghaderi. 2016. (Title Designer)
. Khakestar & Barf. Director: Rohollah Sohrabi. 2016. (VFX Supervisor)
. Darya va Mahi Parande. Director: Mehrdad Ghaffarzadeh. 2015. (Animator)
. Snow. Director: Mehdi Rahmani. 2014. (Title Designer)
. Melbourne. Director: Nima Javidi. 2014. (Title Designer)
. Hagh-e Sokot. Director: Mohammad Hadi Naeji. 2013. (VFX Supervisor)
. Emrouz. Director: Reza Mirkarimi. 2013. (VFX Supervisor)
. Taj Mahal. Director: Danesh Eghbashavi. 2012. (VFX Supervisor)
. Gozaresh-e Yek Jashn. Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia. 2011. (Title Designer)
. Asr-e Rooz Dahom. Director: Mojtaba Raie. 2009. (Title Designer)

Collaboration in TV Series

. Da Vinci's: Rubies are eternal!. Director: Afshin Hashemi. 2023 (Title Designer)
. The Others. Director: Ebrahim Sheibani. 2023 (Title Designer)
. Nikan. Director: Ali Sarahang. 2023 (Title Designer)
. Scorpion in Love. Director: Hossein Soheili Zadeh. 2023 (Title Designer)
. Women’s Secret Network. Director: Afshin Hashemi. 2022 (Title Designer)
. New Family. Director: Amir Todehroosta. 2016 (Title Designer)
. Gasht-e Vizhe. Director: Mehdi Rahmani. 2016 (Title Designer)
. Color of Doubt. Director: Fariborz Arabnia. 2014 (VFX Supervisor)

Collaboration in short films

. Satar El Clasico. Director: Hadi Shariati. Documentary. 2023 (Title Designer)
. Shadow of the king. Director: Hadi Shariati. Documentary. 2023 (VFX)
. Landing. Director: Mohamad Hadadi. Fiction. 2020 (VFX Supervisor)
. All The Time. Director: Shadi Kramroudi. Fiction. 2020 (VFX Supervisor)
. The Mushrooms. Director: Aref Vakili, Mehdi Moghadasi. Fiction. 2019 (VFX Supervisor)
. Raay. Director: Sepideh Berenji. Fiction. 2019 (VFX Supervisor)
. Mosquito. Director: Fatosh Aslan. Fiction. 2019 (VFX Supervisor)
. Mazo. Director: Alireza Farkhondehkish. Documentary. 2017 (Animate & Composite)
. Talan. Director: Mohammad Sadegh Dehghani. Documentary. 2016 (Animate & Composite)
. Zoom In. Director: Hamid Khalvati. Animation. 2016. (Composite)
. Delete All. Director: Mohammad Ali Rakhshani. Fiction. 2015 (VFX Supervisor)
. Yek-Aan. Director: Naghi Nemati. Fiction. 2015. (Title Designer)
. Unfinished. Director: Azad Mohammadi. Fiction. 2014. (VFX Supervisor)
. The Story of a Rainy Night. Director: Mehdi Fard Ghaderi. Fiction. 2014. (VFX Supervisor)
. Mr. Olfat. Director: Ahmad Sarraf Yazdi. Documentary. 2014. (Title Designer)
. Parking. Director: Abbas Omrani. Documentary. 2014. (VFX Supervisor)
. From Iran, A Separation. Director: Kourosh Ataee, Azadeh Moussavi. Documentary. 2013. (Animate & Composite)
. Lost. Director: Mehdi Bagheri. Documentary. 2012. (Animate & Composite)
. Like Every Day. Director: Emad Khodabakhsh. Fiction. 2012. (VFX Supervisor)
. Above the Clouds. Director: Naghi Nemati. Documentary. 2011. (Animate & Composite)
. Delete. Director: Kazem Mollaei. Fiction. 2011. (VFX Supervisor & Title Designer)
. Minus. Director: Kazem Mollaei. Fiction. 2009. (VFX Supervisor & Title Designer)
. Pink Cloud. Director: Masoud Ghodsieh. Animation. 2008. (Edit & Composite)
. I am. Director: Saeid Tavakolian. Animation. 2005. (Composite)
. Fears. Director: Masoud Ghodsieh. Animation. 2005. (Animate & 3D Setup)
. The Murmur of the Being. Director: Hassan Zaryabi. Animation. 2003. (2D Animate)
. Soil travelers. Director: Mehdi Rajabi. Fiction. 2003. (Photographer)