Amir Mehran is an animation director, motion graphics designer and senior compositor who have 13-years of experience in animation, CGI and composite. He has participated in producing more than one hundred projects which includes: short films, animations, features films, commercials, motion graphics, TV idents, TV programs, series, social networks and etc. He has worked as a VFX supervisor in feature films (Taj Mahal, Emrouz, Dokhtar, Kupal and etc) and senior compositor in commercials. He has made lots of TV commercials, TV broadcast idents, and film title sequences.

. Nov 2016 – Present. Owner/Co-founder @ Aduren Studio
Aduren Studio was founded by Amir Mehran & Masoud T.Momeni in 2016. We offer a range of 3D, 2D, Animation, VFX, Motion graphics, Direction, and Post-production services to advertising agencies, film companies and etc.
Aduren Studio makes Advertising, Animated series, Visual Effects, Broadcast, and Digital projects.

. Feb 2012 – Present. VFX Supervisor and Senior Compositor @ Freelancer
I worked as a VFX Supervisor in feature films (A Samurai in Berlin, Taj Mahal, Emrouz, Dokhtar, and Kupal) and Senior Compositor in commercials.

. Apr 2007 – Present. Motion graphics Designer @ Freelance
I made more than sixty TV commercials, TV broadcast idents, and film title sequences.

. Sep 2014 - Feb 2016. Head of CGI department @ Iran Novin Agency
Kanoon Iran Novin is the biggest full-service marketing and advertising agency in Iran. CGI Department at Kanoon does the post-production for commercials. We supported more than twenty TV commercial every month. I led about 15 CGI specialist. I directed many full animation and motion graphics commercial.

. Dec 2011 - Sep 2014. Technical Supervisor & Senior Compositor @ Hak Film Company
I worked in a comic motion series called "Names". The director was Reza Mirkarimi. I led about 10 people (Storyboard artist, 2d Designers, layout artists, compositors, etc


. The White Whale (2019. Animation) Pre-production.
. Tree (2019. Music Video. 3Min) Director, Compositor.
. Fokon Fishan (2018. Animated Series. 15X2Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Happy Nowruz 2 (2018. Animation. 1 Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. A Crime Report (2017. Animated Series. 5X2Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Sholand Itinerary (2017. Animated Series. 3X2Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Immanence (2017. Music Video. 2 Min) Director and Producer.
. Happy Nowruz 1 (2016. Animation. 1 Min) Director, Producer, Compositor.
. Clink (2013. 2d Computer. 4 Min) Editor and Producer.
. The Butterfly Man (2013. Cutout animation. 8 Min) Director, Layout and Animator.
. Night of the Lamb (2012. 2d Computer. 11 Min) Director.
. Aperture (2012. 3d Computer. 7 Min) Director, Layout.
. Silent City (2009. 2d Computer. 7 Min) Director, Writer.
. Cold Blood (2008.Experimental. 7 Min) Director, Writer, Compositor and Producer.
. Iranian Ancient Paintings (2007. Animated Series. 32X2Min) Director, Compositor.
. The Lost Waves (2005. traditional animation. 7 Min) Director, Animator, and Producer.

Professional Membership

. Member of International Animated Film Association (ASIFA)
. Member of Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture guilds
. Member of Iranian Motion Graphics Designers Association (IMGDA)
. Member of Iranian young cinema society (IYCS)

Jury/Selection Committee

. 9th Varesh International Film Festival 2019 Iran (Selection Committee)
. First Kudakonline Festival 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 12th 100 International Film Festival 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 11th Tehran International Animation Festival 2019 Iran (Jury Member)
. 20th Khaneh Cinema Celebration 2018 Iran (Jury Member)
. Rassam first international festival 2018 Iran (Selection Committee)
. First Iranian National Animation Festival 2018 Iran (Jury Member)
. 9th Iran Independent Animation Celebration 2017 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 10th Tehran International Animation Festival 2017 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 10th Ruyesh film festival 2016 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 33rd Tehran international short film festival 2016 Iran (Selection Committee)
. 9th Ruyesh film festival 2014 Iran (Selection Committee)

Collaboration in feature films

. A Samurai in Berlin. Director: Mehdi Naderi. 2019. (VFX Supervisor)
. Gasht-e Ershad 2. Director: Saeid Soheili. 2017. (Title Sequence Compositor)
. Hattrick. Director: Ramtin Lavafipour. 2017. (VFX Compositor)
. Kupal. Director: Kazem Mollaei. 2017. (Title designer & VFX Supervisor)
. Dokhtar. Director: Reza Mirkarimi. 2016. (VFX Supervisor)
. Mohey. Director: Davod Khayam. 2016. (Title Designer)
. Javedanegi. Director: Mehdi Fard Ghaderi. 2016. (Title Designer)
. Khakestar & Barf. Director: Rohollah Sohrabi. 2016. (VFX Supervisor)
. Darya va Mahi Parande. Director: Mehrdad Ghaffarzadeh. 2015. (Animator)
. Snow. Director: Mehdi Rahmani. 2014. (Title Designer)
. Melbourne. Director: Nima Javidi. 2014. (Title Designer)
. Hagh-e Sokot. Director: Mohammad Hadi Naeji. 2013. (VFX Supervisor)
. Emrouz. Director: Reza Mirkarimi. 2013. (VFX Supervisor)
. Taj Mahal. Director: Danesh Eghbashavi. 2012. (VFX Supervisor)
. Gozaresh-e Yek Jashn. Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia. 2011. (Title Designer)
. Asr-e Rooz Dahom. Director: Mojtaba Raie. 2009. (Title Designer)

Collaboration in short films

. Raay. Director: Sepideh Berenji. Fiction. 2019 (VFX Supervisor)
. Mosquito. Director: Fatosh Aslan. Fiction. 2019 (VFX Supervisor)
. Mazo. Director: Alireza Farkhondehkish. Documentary. 2017 (Animate & Composite)
. Talan. Director: Mohammad Sadegh Dehghani. Documentary. 2016 (Animate & Composite)
. Zoom In. Director: Hamid Khalvati. Animation. 2016. (Composite)
. Delete All. Director: Mohammad Ali Rakhshani. Fiction. 2015 (VFX Supervisor)
. Yek-Aan. Director: Naghi Nemati. Fiction. 2015. (Title Designer)
. Unfinished. Director: Azad Mohammadi. Fiction. 2014. (VFX Supervisor)
. The story of a rainy night. Director: Mehdi Fard Ghaderi. Fiction. 2014. (VFX Supervisor)
. Mr. Olfat. Director: Ahmad Sarraf Yazdi. Documentary. 2014. (Title Designer)
. Parking. Director: Abbas Omrani. Documentary. 2014. (VFX Supervisor)
. Az Iran, Yek jodaee. Director: Kourosh Ataee, Azadeh Moussavi. Documentary. 2013. (Animate & Composite)
. Lost. Director: Mehdi Bagheri. Documentary. 2012. (Animate & Composite)
. Like Every Day. Director: Emad Khodabakhsh. Fiction. 2012. (VFX Supervisor)
. Above the clouds. Director: Naghi Nemati. Documentary. 2011. (Animate & Composite)
. Delete. Director: Kazem Mollaei. Fiction. 2011. (VFX Supervisor & Title Designer)
. Minus. Director: Kazem Mollaei. Fiction. 2009. (VFX Supervisor & Title Designer)
. Pink Cloud. Director: Masoud Ghodsieh. Animation. 2008. (Edit & Composite)
. I am. Director: Saeid Tavakolian. Animation. 2005. (Composite)
. Fears. Director: Masoud Ghodsieh. Animation. 2005. (Animate & 3D Setup)
. Murmur of the Being. Director: Hassan Zaryabi. Animation. 2003. (2D Animate)
. Soil travelers. Director: Mehdi Rajabi. Fiction. 2003. (Photographer)